Day Trip: Lagrange

Believe it or not, the story of Callaway Gardens actually began in LaGrange.




In 1911 Cason Callaway’s father, textile magnate Fuller E. Callaway, bought the Ferrell Gardens and built his home, Hills & Dales Estate.

When he and his wife died, their son Fuller Jr. outbid his older brother Cason for the estate and became the owner of the Italian villa-style house and pre-Civil War gardens. As a result, Cason and his wife moved to Hamilton, near Pine Mountain, and started what would become Callaway Gardens.

Head to LaGrange to see the Callaway home and experience the impact this family still has on the city today. Hills & Dales is now open to the public for daily house and garden tours. You can also dine at Mare Sol or C’Sons, restaurants owned by Callaway descendents, see a historic downtown significantly renovated by the Callaway Foundation, or take in the LaGrange Art Museum and Legacy Museum on Main where you will see hundreds of artifacts depicting traditional life in LaGrange.